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September 2023

In a world controlled by a shadow organization, how far must you tap into your own darkness to balance the scales? Find out at the premiere!

story is king


There is little room for humanity and compassion in the dystopian world of NYM. It is controlled by the shadow organization known only als "SECTION". Ever since ZEA can remember, she's been on the run. It's an enemy she knows all too well. But as she soon discovers, Section does not always stay in the shadows. The truth will soon release the monster in her head and force this war into the light. Beware, Zea doesn't cry... Zea shoots. And she aims to kill.

„Wenn Menschen wie wir auf der Leinwand untergehen, dann wird fucking geklatscht.“


~100 minutes
Standard german
ARRI Alexa Mini LF
The HUB Media AG

produced by

The hub media

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Company is the production and distribution of film, television and video productions as well as the provision of
services in the field of entertainment and new media.


An all-powerful criminal organisation does the dirty work of all states. It is called „The Department“. This institution seems beyond justice. But then ZEA (12) appears. As a child, The Division‘s crimes turned her into an orphan. The twelve-year-old girl is brave, independent and surprisingly mature for her age. She is the protégé of three adults, NYM (20), BONNIE (21) and BONO (23), who are former agents of the department. Changed by the sight of the young innocent girl, they refuse their orders and spare Zeas‘ Life. Zea is a thorn in the side of the department and its leader, PRINCE (40). His ultimate goal is to eliminate the four and with them the flaring spark of humanity in the department. To enable Zea to defend herself on the run, Nym trains her as an agent. Buoyed by her strengths, she confronts the haunting questions of her past. Where is the murderer of her parents?
Ten years later, Zea has become a grown woman and seeks answers. TAR, who is threatened by her, tells Zea that the Bons know who her parents‘ killer is. This surprises Zea, as she had thought them to be dead. Caught by the department, they disappeared from her life years ago. Zea goes to a bar where Bono and Bonnie, drastically changed, slaughtered a number of people shortly before. It doesn‘t matter that the police are already outside the bar. They are happy to see Zea, but are forced to kill her. Captured by Prince, they have been tortured and driven mad. The cold-hearted killers feel hatred. Hate against Zea and Nym, who have abandoned them. With a gun to her head, Bonnie grants Zea one last wish and names her parents‘ killer: Nym. Zea makes a deal. If she tells them where Nym is, the Bons must tell her where to find Prince. Blinded by rage, she confronts Nym with the truth. However, she fails to tell him that Bonnie and Bono are on their way to kill him. Between family and enemy, Nym struggles to maintain his relationship with Zea. The clock is ticking as the division approaches and along it the Bons.